Gluten Free FAQ

What Does "Gluten Free" Dough Mean?

The dough is prepared in a gluten-free environment with no added gluten ingredients. We still can’t guarantee there won’t be a trace amount of gluten from the hand tossed pizza making environment (for example, flour could be in the air). So, we DO NOT recommend this pizza to highly gluten sensitive customers.

What About The Toppings?

Most of our toppings do not contain gluten ingredients (meatballs are the exception). We are not able to certify them “gluten-free,” as there is the potential of trace amounts of gluten in the environment that we prepare all of our foods.

What Precautions Do You Take?

We want you to know we take gluten cross contamination seriously. Each pizza is baked on a one-time use pan. The sauce comes from a separate container using its own ladle. The pizza paddle we take it out of the oven with and the cutter to slice it with—you guessed it—separate ones, used only on the gluten-free pizzas. We are also mindful about wiping down the surface of the prep area before making a gluten-free pizza.

Why Do You Call It "Honey Basil" Gluten Free?

We knew if we were going to have a gluten-free pizza it had to be the best around! We experimented with several different options, and finally found a product that provided a gluten-free fresh dough with a hint of honey and basil. We found the dough to have a great flavor, which was missing from so many of the other gluten-free choices on the market.

Please feel free to send us a message through the “Contact Us” link if you have any other questions or concerns.